Klic HP Gauge + Co2

Die HP-Minipumpe mit verborgenem Schlauch, Manometer und CO2-Pumpenkopf für unterwegs.

  • Premium pump with flexible rubber hose that hides inside the body of the pump when not in use – perfect for those stealth air-strikes!
  • Features also include a concealed co2 inflator (presta only), air pressure gauge, magnetic head with twisting collar, a folding and locking handle, and a presta/schrader valve adapter (fully threaded presta valve bodies only)
  • Hp (high pressure) version recommended for tires 45c and narrower
  • All klic pumps come with a bottle cage bracket mount
Normaler Preis €59,99
inkl. MwSt.

Weight 170g

Pressure 120psi / 8.3bar

Length 260mm

Warranty 5 Jahre

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