Q & A - Stamp Street Fabio

Q & A - Stamp Street Fabio

Let's talk shoes. Specifically, our new Stamp Street Fabio. With the help of Fabio Wibmer, we wanted to bring to life a shoe that felt right at home, no matter what you are doing. Whether you're on the trails, the streets, or even in the office. 

Recently, we took to Instagram asking for your questions about the Stamp Street Fabio. We sat down with Fabio to answer them and dive into some of the details.

Q: What is the most important aspect about a shoe for you? 

FW: For me, the general feeling, that the shoe fits really well, that it looks really nice when you’re wearing it, and that you can wear the shoe for hours and it won't hurt. And, of course, the grip is really important for me as well. So specifically for that shoe, we tried to make it a little bit softer so you can actually grip the pedal a bit more because the sole is flexing. This allows you to feel the pedal a bit more. 

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Stamp Street Fabio shoe? 

FW: I got a lot of inspiration from street and skate shoes. Obviously, skating is  a big inspiration for shoes in general. It’s also where I got a lot of inspiration from, especially the Nijah shoe. And then we tried to bring our style and my input of course, like what's important for me, and tried to create a shoe which is casual looking but really good for riding as well, which is really a shoe you can wear for anything, not just for biking but aswell for just walking around. 

Q: What was one thing you really wanted to achieve with the design of the Stamp Street Fabio shoe? 

FW: With the design, we really wanted to create a shoe that you can wear whenever, no matter if you're going into the bar or riding on the streets, you can always wear that shoe, and it will always look good. Most of the shoes look very bulky, and you can see that they are riding shoes, so I think with this shoe, we created something that was more slick and casual looking, and that’s what we really wanted to get with it. 

Q: How many different variations did you test before settling on the final shoe? 

FW: We already had a really good idea of how the shoe would look and how it should feel, so the development team at CB did a really good job of making the first model a really good piece. That first piece was already good to ride. We had some quite good experience from the previous shoe where I was also part of the development process, so that really helped us a lot to develop this shoe. I think in total, we had like 2 or 3 models which I used. We did a few changes, but overall, we got there quite quickly, which was great, and it also gave me a good opportunity to test it a lot and ride it a lot before launching. 

Q: What is the biggest difference you have seen comparing the new shoe to the Stamp Lace? 

FW: The biggest difference for me is that it's not as thick, and it's not as bulky. It’s way more flexible. So, in general, if you’re standing on a pedal, it gives you a way better feeling, you just feel like you're really well attached to the pedal, and you can feel it. I think for everyone who loves to have a little more feeling and loves that shoe grips around the pedal, I think that’s the perfect shoe for them. 

Q: How was it working with the CB team to create the shoe? 

FW: It was honestly really good to work with the guys from Crankbrothers. The crazy thing is they have not been in the shoe industry for so long, and they have already come out with 2 products that are mind-blowing. So yea, it was really fun, the guys were really quick. They were always really keen on hearing my feedback, hearing my ideas, and trying to push the ideas in my direction as much as possible, which was really cool. Just in general, we have a really good relationship, so it was really fun to work on such projects. 


Q: Is the shoe designed for riding or just general wear? 

CB: The great thing about the Stamp Street Fabio is that it’s at home no matter where you wear it. On the trails, on the streets, at the office, or around home. It’s designed to be comfortable for hours and hours, but also with plenty of grip for riding.  

Q: Does it come in smaller sizes? EG US 6 

CB: Yes, it sure does. The Black and white models are both available in sizes US 3 through to US 14, with half sizes available from US 5.5 to 11.5. The Purple and Sage models are available in sizes US 5 through to 14 with the same half sizes available. 

Q: What rubber do the shoes use? 

CB: The shoes use our MC2 High-friction rubber compound for grip and durability, making them perfect for on the trails and day-to-day use.


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