And just like that, it was time to go racing once again. The South American swing of the Enduro World Series delivered two electrifying and diverse races, pushing riders to their limit. 

Enduro World Series #1 took place in Lo Barnechea, Chile. Home of the legendary anti-grip. 

The moon like landscape made for the perfect backdrop for some picturesque wheelie Wednesday opportunities. 

Racing at the highest level can still be fun. Yoann Barelli demonstrates.

Canyon's new addition Florian Nicolai rode strong all weekend, finishing in 12th place. 

Iago Garay takes flight.

Mechanicals caught out many a top rider and Mark Scott was no different. Determined as ever, Scott fought back to 20th place, keeping the season alive. 

Jesse Melamed fought through some practice induced injuries for a top 5 finish.

First race, first place. Cecile Ravanel starts another Enduro World Series in controlling fashion. 

Martin Maes came out all guns blazing in Chile, finishing in an impressive second place! 

From the Moon to the Jungle, round 2 would bring an entirely different set of challenges. 

Stage 1 saw the racers take to the streets of Manizales for an urban race. Anneke Beerten would take the stage win and finished in a solid 7th place overall. 

Joe Barnes getting amongst it deep in the Colombian jungle. 

Wyn Masters battled through the mud to finish in 25th place, still finding time for a turndown here and there.

A tough pill to swallow for Martin Maes after such a strong opener. He would crash in practice and pick up a shoulder injury; ruling him out the weekend's race. 

You can always count on Iago Garay to bring the style.

It didn't take long for the Enduro Wet Series to return. Canyon's Innes Thoma on her way to a 4th place finish. 

Despite a few tumbles in the mud, Canadian Jesse Melamed finished in a solid 10th place. What could have been?

Tucked in and gunning for victory, Mark Scott landed himself in an impressive 8th place finish in Colombia, setting himself up for a great year ahead. 

Polar opposite conditions; same result. Cecile Ravanel has put her stamp on this season's opening swing with a dominant 1-1 performance. 

Photos: Sven Martin 

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