Where Comfort Meets Performance

Synthesis Gravel

Drawing inspiration from our Synthesis mountain bike wheels, our new gravel wheelsets are engineered to deliver an unparalleled riding experience, even on the most challenging terrain.

Designed For Comfort & Performance

A shallow, compliant rim profile allows Synthesis Gravel to absorb and dissipate trail feedback, helping isolate the rider from unwanted vibrations and keeping you fresher for longer.

Crafted To Last

High-quality components backed by rigorous testing and strict wheelbuilding tolerances offer peace of mind when on two wheels, far from home.

High-Volume Tire Capability

An internal rim width of 26.5mm is optimized to support high-volume gravel tires, providing an increased contact patch for maximized grip in turns, while also adding sidewall stability.

New Ratchet Hub

Synthesis Gravel Carbon is equipped with our new ratchet-style drive system, offering 10 degrees of engagement without sacrificing durability or imparting excess drag.