Q & A - Crankbrothers Shoes

Q & A - Crankbrothers Shoes


Let's chat about our shoes. For us, producing a shoe lineup was vital in our journey to improve every rider experience. To provide control and confidence on the trail, pedal feel and secure contact with your pedals is crucial. So, designing a shoe and pedal together allowed us to develop what we consider the perfect MATCH.
Recently, we took to Instagram asking for your questions about our shoes. So here we are, with plenty of details to dive into. Sit back, get comfy, and let us know if there's something we missed!

Q. What is MATCH?

Shoes and pedals need to work together for the best riding experience, so we developed our MATCH system to provide the best shoe/pedal interface to help improve your riding experience. MATCH is not just composed of one detail; it's the sum of a myriad of design choices ranging from rubber compound, tread pattern, cleat box design, and much more. 

Q. Do you make clip-in or flat shoes?

Both! We produce a full lineup of both clip-in and flat pedal shoes. For flat pedal riders, our range of Stamp shoes will keep you locked in, while for clip-in riders, we offer our Mallet and Mallet E shoes. The Mallet is our gravity-dedicated shoe, while the Mallet E is our all-day trail and enduro shoe.

Q. Why should riders use bike-specific shoes instead of other options, like skate shoes?

While they may look similar from the outside, mountain bike shoes contain technology and features that are purposefully designed to help improve your riding experience.
For example, the rubber on the sole of our mountain bike flat-pedal shoes is specifically designed to be grippy, yet hard-wearing. The lug design on the soles are positioned and constructed in a way that allows the foot to re-position on the pedal without difficulty while still maintaining adequate grip. Moving up, the reinforced shank, toe box, and construction of the shoe take into account the extra performance and protection required to ensure that there are no failures when you're out on a ride. 

Conversely, the standard construction of skate and gym shoes is not tough enough to withstand the abuse they are subject to while riding. These types of shoes provide little to no protection and are often very flexible, leading to minimal foot support and poor power transfer.

Q. What kind of closure system do your shoes use?

Available across all of three of our shoe lines, we offer three different closure systems - Lace, Speed Lace, and Boa. To learn more about each closure system, CLICK HERE.

Q. Can you use Crankbrothers shoes with other brands of clip-in pedals?

You certainly can. While our Match system is designed to work seamlessly with our pedals, the cleat box is compatible with all standard mountain bike pedals, no matter the brand. 

Q. What materials are your shoes made of, and what is the construction like?

All of our shoes feature a synthetic upper with premium materials for breathability, protection, and comfort. Perforated materials and mesh windows provide ventilation to keep feet cool in hot weather and dry quickly in wet conditions. We use a reinforced TPU in the toe box that protects against rock strikes and impacts. Thoughtful details such as silicone heel dots provide excellent heel retention, and a padded tongue provides all-day comfort for long rides.

Q. What is the "Race Zone"?

Featured on our Mallet shoes, the Race Zone is an area along the cleat track which allows the cleat to be positioned further back in the direction of the midfoot area, providing added stability when descending, and was developed based on feedback from professional downhill racers. 

Q. Which is better, clips or flats?

An age-old debate. Both have their benefits, however, which one will work best for you completely depends on your riding preference, style, and confidence. We have a complete range of shoes for both clip-in or flat pedal riding, so either way, we have you covered.

Q. What is the size range, and is there a women's line?

Actually, our shoes are designed to perform and fit well regardless of gender. To accommodate a wide range of riders, we produce our shoes in sizes 5 through 14, with half sizes available between 6.5 and 12.5, and we continue to work towards making our shoe range accessible to riders of every size.

Q. What kind of rubber do you use?

Crankbrothers clip-in shoes feature our MC1 rubber compound. Designed to be a mid-friction compound, it allows easy pedal entry and exit, while the radial lug pattern provides a seamless release from the pedal body.

Our Stamp flat shoes benefit from a bespoke high-friction rubber - MC2. MC2 has been designed for optimal grip to stick to the pedal body and features low-rebound properties to damp vibrations and smooth out the trail, while still retaining good durability. 

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